The best wedding photography happens when it’s a true reflection of your big day.

A day characterised by love between two people, and two families.

That’s why I pride myself on becoming part of your family for the day, so much so that you will forget I even own a camera. Because when your focus is on the things that matter, magic always follows. Dozens of couples have entrusted me to capture the real and genuine moments that will last a lifetime and it would be an honour to document yours.


Will you be the one shooting my wedding?

Yes! It’s totally me. Right from the start until you

How many other weddings will you photograph that weekend?

I only shoot one wedding at the weekend. All of my packages include my service for the whole day, so you can relax knowing that I’m going to be focused on your day.

Will you have any assistants with you on our wedding day?

Possibly! It depends on the size of your wedding. If I feel I need assistance, I may suggest this, but there won’t be any extra charges for you.
It’s also worth pointing out that I train new wedding photographers, so I may ask you if it’s for me to bring a student. I will always ask you first.

Do you often shoot weddings that have a similar size and style to the one we are planning?

I’ve shot weddings with 10 guests all the way up to 500 and everything in between. The style? Every wedding is unique and yours will be beautiful. If you have some special requests, let’s have a chat!

Can we see the full galleries of a few of your recent weddings?

Yes, of course! I have a few smaller, sample galleries from pervious weddings available for you to see, but if you want to what everything, we can arrange that!

Have you ever shot a wedding at our ceremony and reception venues? If not, do you plan to check the venues out in advance?

I love new venues! It really allows me to push my creativity to new levels. I always check out new venues ahead of time. This is to determine the locations ‘best-bits’ and also to speak to the staff to see what they allow, don’t like, that sort of thing.

Have you ever worked with our planner? Videographer? Florist? DJ?

It’s a massive industry, so there’s a good chance I’d be meeting them for the first time. Which is great – I love meeting new people.

How would you describe your photography style?

My style is reportage. A fancy French word meaning I shoot documentary style. I’ll capture your whole day as I see it unfold in front of me.

How would you describe your working?

Candid all the way. But sometimes you’ll need someone to take charge to make sure that you get those images you definitely want. Trying to get family and friends together is difficult at the best of times, so I can dial up my assertiveness to suit the schedule, but I am mostly in the background capturing the gorgeousness of the day.

Do you shoot digitally? With film? Or both?

Primarily I shoot digital. It’s the age we’re in. It’s faster meaning more candid and relaxed shots.

What is included in your standard package? What add-ons do the more expensive packages include?

A full list of what is available is here.

Can I customize a package to fit my needs?

Yeah! Absolutely!

Do you include engagement photos in your packages? What about pre-wedding events like rehearsal dinners?

Engagement shoots are included yes. The charge for an engagement session on its own is £299 but its part of your package. It’s so important to have this as it allows us to get to know one another better.

How many hours are included in each package? How much do extra hours cost?

You get me for all day. Which are 10 hours. Typically I’ll start at 11 am and leave at about 9 pm. But sometimes I may need to stay later because of other reasons like the dinner is delayed or the DJ has forgotten his shoes. Whatever the reason, you don’t need to worry about the photographer as well. If you do want extra hours, we can arrange this when we discuss the day.

Do you offer a photo booth?


Do you offer retouching, colour adjustment, or other corrective services? Are those included or an additional charge?

All part and parcel of your package!

Do you charge a travel fee? For what distance? What does that cover?

Travel is included, to multiple locations! If the travel is over 50 miles from where I am based (WV10 8TB) I normally charge 0.50p per mile.

Can we order prints or albums directly from you?

Albums are a part of some of my packages, so it might be worth exploring those before considering purchasing after the event. But you can order them anytime, yes! Prints are available to purchase directly from your personalised gallery.

What type of album do you offer? Do you provide assistance selecting images and designing the album?

The Bellissimo Album is seven award-winning albums which is handcrafted and finished by a specialist team. The Bellissimo Album is the perfect wedding album. You album also comes with two smaller versions, perfect for the inlaws!

Are albums or prints included in your packages? How many pages or prints are included, and what is the turnaround time?

Albums are yes! You get 25 spreads, which is 50 pages as standard. If you need more, they cost approx. £30 for an extra 5 spreads (10 pages). Turnaround time. Once you have viewed your photos (delivered within 28 days after your big day!) you can make the selection you want in your album. We’ll work together to get the perfect album designed. Once you’re happy with it, it’ll take approx. 10 days be to handcrafted and finished by a specialist team of professionals.

How long after the wedding will we receive the images? How will they be delivered?

28 days. You’ll first receive the news they’re available via email, containing a link to your secure, online, personalised gallery. The gallery is available for 12 months. You can download the photos from there onto your hard drive at home to create your own backup.

Your USB stick in a presentation box will be delivered approx. 2 weeks after that.

Will we have the rights to the images?

Yep. All yours.

Will we receive the negatives and/or high resolution digital images? Is there a fee for that?

All photos are edited and delivered to you in JPEG format at a high resolution.

Will the images be accessible online? For how long?

Yes, online in your own password-protected gallery. They are there for 12 months.

How much of a deposit do you require? When is it due?

A non-refundable deposit of 20% the day you book secures your day. Then it’s yours. No one else can have it. Not even my own mom.

Do you accept payments in installations?

Yep, that’s totally fine!

What is your refund or cancellation policy?

Deposits are non-refundable. The final balance is to be paid 2 weeks before the wedding date. If you need to cancel the wedding date, please do so in writing to matt@matthewsmartphotography.co.uk
If the written notice of cancellation is received within 120 days of the due wedding date then the amount of the price that Matthew Smart/Matthew Smart Photography shall be entitled to is calculated in accordance with the table below (detailing the amount Matthew Smart/Matthew Smart Photography is entitled to)
0-14 days = 100%, 15-60 days = 75%, 61-90 days = 50%, 90-120 days = 25%, 121+ days = 0%

Do you have liability insurance? Does it cover your assistants, as well?

Yes. I am insured for the cover amount of £2 million. Assistants are covered too.

Do you carry backup equipment?

Yes! I carry 4 cameras at all times.

What is the backup plan if you are unable to shoot my wedding for an unexpected reason?

My head would have to be hanging off for me to miss your day. If I did lose my head, I would be spending what’s left of my energy on finding you a replacement. If that is not possible, you would receive a full refund.

How will you and your assistants be dressed?

Smart. Trousers and a shirt, with a tie. If it’s hot, like stupid hot (over 30 degrees), then we may wear smart shorts and a shirt.

Can we request a list of specific shots we would like?

You can, yes. I encourage my customers to make a list of the images I won’t have a clue about. Like you, Aunt Agnes and Uncle Fred. But you don't need to detail everything, like the dress, the shoes, the cake etc.

Will you be posting about our wedding on your website and social media? Will you be submitting our photos to magazines or blogs?

I won’t go into a wedding planning that, but there is always a chance that your day will stand out more than any other, and that will make me proud. I do reserve the right (as per the contract) to use any images for advertisements and such, but I would never do that if you are strongly against it.

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